Remap a Makey Makey Classic or Makey Makey Go!

Learn to remap a Makey Makey Classic or Makey Makey Go so you can use whatever key presses you desire!

Getting Makey Makey Classic into Remap Mode

Sometimes you might build an invention and want to use different key presses for your project. In this guide, you’ll learn how to change the key inputs on a Makey Makey by remapping your board.

To remap a Makey Makey Makey Classic, go to

If you want to remap every input, you can use this worksheet to track the letters, numbers, or mouse controls you would like to remap as the inputs on your controller. You can always reset your Makey Makey by going to the remap page and clicking RESET! 


Download the Makey Makey Remap Worksheet

Make sure your MakeyMakey is unplugged from your computer before starting. 

Follow the onscreen prompts to plug an alligator clip from the up arrow to the down arrow, and plug another alligator clip from the left arrow to the right arrow. 

Then plug the red USB cable into your Makey Makey and your computer. All the lights should flash on your Makey Makey and the screen should say "Makey Makey Detected." 

Once Makey Makey is detected and in remap mode, you can unplug the alligator clips.



Remap the Makey Makey Classic Inputs

With one hand, hold EARTH, and with the other use the arrow keys to navigate to the key press you would like to remap. When you have the desired key selected, press click to remap the Makey Makey to register this new key press. Press "Save" to confirm the remap, or continue to remap keys as desired.

Once you have all the key presses remapped, press "Save" and "confirm."

Your Makey Makey will now be remapped even after unplugged until you put it back into Remap mode and click "Restore."



Remap the keys on a Makey Makey GO

If you want to go beyond "spacebar" on your Makey Makey GO, visit to change what key command is triggered by the Makey Makey when the light is Red. (Note: "Left click" will always be there when you switch to the Blue light, so you can only remap the spacebar (the red light) to a different key press.)

When you get to the remap page, select the Makey Makey GO illustration and plug in your Makey Makey Go. (Picture 1)

Hold the "Setting" wheel for about 5 seconds until the green lights blink and the tail light turns white (Picture 2). Your GO is now in remap mode.

The screen on your computer should change to a keyboard. Tap the settings wheel to get to the key press you want to map on your GO. Then hit the "play" input on your go to save the key press.

Your GO is now remapped until you unplug it from your computer. Now when the tail light is red, your GO will read the key press you remapped!

Remember that unplugging your GO will also reset the keys to "space bar" and "left click." So once you remap, leave your GO plugged into your computer.




Time Investment
Up to 1 hour
Pre-K - 12+



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