Sound Tubes by Josh Burker


Create Sound Tubes for Makey Makey

Check out this great project by Josh Burker on Instructables!




Time Investment
Up to 1 hour
6 - 12+


  • Makey Makey Classic- (up to 12 Makey Makey Tubes could be connected to a single Makey Makey and individually programmed to each do something different)
  • Alligator clips- two for each Makey Makey tube
  • Section of 3/4 inch PVC tube- approximately 8 inches long
  • Conductive copper tape
  • Aluminum foil
  • Glass marble that fits inside PVC tube
  • Electrician’s tape
  • Scissors
  • Computer running Scratch (any version)
  • Optional: needle nose pliers


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