July 17, 2018

1) Plug in USB

The lights on the GO will dance a little, then settle on Blue.

Blue = Right Click.


2) Close Popup Window (If Any)

Your computer may ask you to install drivers or do other setup. You can click cancel or close the window.


3) Connect your object

Connect the alligator clip from your object to the Plus Sensor 


4) Press Play

Tap the Play Button . The GO has now recalibrated itself to accept the object.


5) Play!

Now you can use your clementine to click on things! Tap your clementine and see what happens.


6) Space Out

To switch between "mouse left-click" and "space bar," tap the Gear Button  on the Makey Makey GO. This will turn the light Red. Now tapping your clementine will send a "space bar" signal to your computer.

Red light = space bar

Blue light = mouse left-click

Green light = active sensor

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