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We love seeing the things educators and their classes invent - they bring us closer to a world built by everyone exploring their ideas and reinventing the things around us.

Makey Makey is perfect for the classroom. Students can invent projects that combine the tactile materials of the classroom with the coding projects they're creating on the computer to bring their creations to life.

With the Makey Makey, students can make any conductive material act as the input device for a computer. Because it comes preprogrammed, students with no coding experience can use it and learn to experiment with it as they start to learn coding.

Makey Makey believes that the Maker Movement is more than just robots, 3D printing, or STEM, or even building things. It allows students to become hardware engineers and solve real-world design challenges by providing a landscape that fosters curiosity and creates vibrant learners.

Set up your class in Makey Makey Labz and assign step-by-step guides to your students! Choose from tons of pre-written lesson plans, write your own, or modify pre-existing projects to work for your classroom.

School Support

  • Browse through tons of lesson plans created by us and by other educators and inventors from around the world
  • Set up a classroom with student logins and assign activities, track progress in real-time, and review student work
  • Sign in and add students with your Clever account
  • Filter projects by CCSS and NGSS standards
  • Create a private activity and administer it to your class without sharing it to the entire community
  • Document your inventions and post project guides
  • Show off your inventions in the gallery
  • Ask questions and share tips through comments

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Lesson Plans

We also provide two educator guides that you can print off and use immediately. The plans are written by educators who have used Makey Makey in classroom settings.

Educator Guide

Sample Lesson Plans

Sample Lesson Plans for Lego®

  1. Introducing Makey Makey
  2. For Administrators Only: Why Use Makey Makey In The Classroom?
  3. Becoming Familiar With Makey Makey
  4. Makey Makey In The Classroom
  5. Beyond The Banana Piano: Innovation Through Design Challenges
  6. Makey Makey Invention Literacy Workshop
  1. Simple Circuits Challenge
  2. Makey Makey ELA Candid Camera
  3. Math/Science Classify and Sort
  4. Interactive Word Problem Posters
  5. Makey Makey Game Controller Challenge
  6. Makey Makey Musical Water
  7. Distance, Rate and Time for Math/Science/Physics
  1. Design Challenge
  2. Interactive Community
  3. Musical Creations
  4. Racing Challenge
  5. Storytelling Unit
  6. Automated Vehicle Challenge

Become a certified Makey Makey Educator!

The Makey Makey Invention Literacy Workshop for Educators is a fun hands-on learning experience where you'll learn how to teach Invention Literacy, Making, and Design Thinking using the award winning Makey Makey invention kit. We'll explore how to teach circuits and conductivity using Makey Makeys and then put our skills to use designing your own inventions! Participants learn best practices and gain access to a multimedia training website that can be used later when working with your students or training others.

It's a one day (5 hours) workshop - participants walk away with a free Makey Makey and certificate of completion.

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Learn a little more about the workshop in this short video and share it with any colleagues that might be interested. Use the map to find one of our training partners near you! Check out their website to find upcoming workshops.

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We are constantly growing the number of training partners. Do you work in a science museum or university? Are you already engaged in delivering Professional Development to educators? Then we'd love to work with you. We'll travel to your site and train your staff free of charge.

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This is the best place to stay tuned for Makey Makey Twitter Chats, new teacher resources, and to hear from other educators on how they're using Makey Makey in the classroom.

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We offer discounts to those of you who bring Invention Literacy to the world in your schools, museums, libraries, summer camps, Homeschooling and Unschooling communities, after-school programs, and makerspaces.

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Trees of Knowledge

Jean Piaget watched children develop very closely in the mid-20th century, and he realized that they weren't passively internalizing knowledge, like empty vessels to be filled. He proposed that people create knowledge by building mental structures, which he called schema, in a way that makes sense to them (I like to think of little imaginary "hands" building a knowledge tree). The focus on the construction of knowledge, as opposed to its transmission, led Piaget to develop the theory of constructivism. . . .

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