The best way to understand Makey Makey is to use it! We built a straightforward demo for you that uses a Makey Makey, a prebuilt craft project, and one of our free-to-use web apps. This project demonstrates how easy it is for inventors of any age to start creating their own interactions, instruments, or games using a computer and the everyday objects around them. Grab your Makey Makey, click play on the video below, and let's get started!

We knew that once you started using Makey Makey you would be hooked! If you’re looking for more to do with the project in front of you, what about creating a piano and playing a tune on our free Piano Web App? That's right, the project in front of you is now a tiny hand-shaped piano!

We have over one hundred different project how-to guides to inspire creativity and foster curiosity as the foundations of Invention Literacy. We challenge you to build something new with what you have in front of you, in your kitchen, or in a junk drawer. Be creative and get lost in the infinite possibilities of Makey Makey.


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