Craft + Code Booster Kit


The Craft + Code Booster Kit is inspired by all of the crafting and inventiveness we’ve seen created by the community over the years. This booster kit is a balanced combination of creative materials such as binder clips and aluminum foil as well as hard to find components such as conductive thread, conductive fabric and Makey Makey pencils. This gold mine of materials will help you focus on merging art and technology, without having to chase down materials.

If you are new to Makey Makey and want to start inventing right out of the box, conductivity is the first concept that you have to master! Did you know that you are conductive?

This kit focuses on a number of conductive materials that are both familiar and materials that might be new to you! From thread and fabric made from stainless steel (yes you can sew with it) to basic binder clips; we have gathered materials that will inspire new ways to Makey Makey.

The foundational concept beyond conductivity is the idea of a circuit. If you can complete a circuit, you can Makey Makey. So, before you even grab your invention kit, let’s explore what a circuit is by building a basic light- up circuit or “throwie” with a coin cell battery and LED from your Craft and Code Booster. From there, the world is your oyster! After building a basic circuit, you can add an LED to your Makey Makey output port to light up when you press a key or control the mouse!

To stay on a roll with inventive ideas, we included a ¾” steel ball bearing aka a metal marble. Yes, you can use this to crush your opponents in a game of marbles, but we were thinking how cool it would be to invent controllers you can control with a drop, tilt, shift, or roll! We can’t wait to see what curious ways you use this ball bearing to complete a circuit!

Craft & Code Booster Kit


Start simple but dream big. The Craft + Code Booster kit includes all the bits and pieces to get you thinking differently about how to use Makey Makey and dream up infinite possibilities for your future projects. Conductive pencils, LEDs, and a steel ball bearing are just a few of the simple items included that will change the way you Makey Makey!

Kit Contents

The Makey Makey Craft and Code Booster Kit includes everything you need to complete the introductory projects plus you can combine for an endless possibilities of ideas as you invent sensors just like a scientist.

  • 10x Brass Fasteners
  • 10x Metal Thumbtacks
  • 1x ¾” Ball Steel Ball Bearing
  • 1x Roll of Conductive Fabric Tape
  • 1x Makey Makey Conductive Pencil
  • 1x Pencil Sharpener
  • 1x Spool of Conductive Thread (15’)
  • 1x Square of Conductive Fabric (6”x6”)
  • 2x Binder Clips
  • 1x CR2032 Coin Cell Battery
  • 5x 5mm Red LEDs

Is This Your First Time Using a Makey Makey?

The Craft + Code Booster Kit builds off of your initial experience with Makey Makey! If this is your first time using a Makey Makey or you dont have one yet, you have some homework to do before jumping into these project!

Grab Your Makey Makey!

The Craft + Code Booster Kit is an add on kit to your Makey Makey. It doesn't include a Makey Makey and is not a full Makey Makey experience without one!

Makey Makey Classic Edition


Makes STEM Education fun! Start out easy with a banana piano. First setup takes seconds. Then make game controllers, musical instruments, and countless inventions. Advance to additional inputs and multi-key remapping up to 18 keys. Ages 8 to infinity.

Get Started with Makey Makey!

Learn how Makey Makey works so you can start inventing! You will, make a simple sketch of Makey Makey, use your hands to trigger Makey Makey for piano, build a human circuit, and play and explore with Makey Makey.

Getting Started with Makey Makey

Hello Light

Learn about what a circuit is and the basics of electricity and conductivity to build your first paper circuit!

By: JoyLabz

Is it Conductive?

Build a conductivity tester that uses Makey Makey to help you figure out what materials are conductive and which ones aren't!

By: JoyLabz

Banana Piano!

Use bananas or any other produce to build circuits and turn them into piano keys using Makey Makey and our free Piano App!

By: JoyLabz

Craft + Code Projects!

Using the materials in your Craft & Code Booster Kit and a few other easy to find materials we have put together a list of three projects that help you explore different ideas for your Makey Makey. From musical instruments using pencil lead to a conductive thread mute button for your computer these projects are designed to get you crafting projects with the Makey Makey and explore the world around you!

Craft and Code Projects

DIY Controller

Build your own game tilt based controller with Makey Makey and a yogurt cup. Test it out with our Etch-a-Sketch App!

By: JoyLabz

Drawable Circuits

Draw your own playable instrument, connect Makey Makey to your drawings, and jam out with this Activity.

By: JoyLabz

Plug & Play Makey Makey Apps

Each project in Makey Makey Booster Kits is paired with a Makey Makey App! By providing free apps we believe that you can get to using your inventions faster which then means making the better over time. We simplify this onboarding step for you, but when completed these projects are ready for you to take on your own software projects to go with them and graduate from our apps.

Craft + Code Apps

Piano App

Use the Makey Makey to turn anything conductive into a piano key with ease!

By: JoyLabz

Audio Sampler

Dream of being a DJ? Now is your time with the Makey Makey audio sampler app!

By: JoyLabz


Use your Makey Makey to doodle and draw on your computer screen!

By: JoyLabz


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