Move over gift cards, Makey Makey is making holiday gift buying easy with our new gift bundles. Fit the interest of any young maker with one of our custom gift bundles to match the skill of inventors of any age.

These holiday gift bundles are the perfect combination of hardware, accessories, and better yet, discounts!

Purchase Your Holiday Bundle Today!

Have an inspired creator, inventor, or engineer in your life that is always crafting and building amazing cardboard projects? The Makey Makey holiday gift bundles include the tools and materials to Makey Makey their invention dreams come true!

Creative Engineer Bundle

$99.95 $124.80

Are you looking for a gift for someone who you think could build just about anything? The Creative Engineer Bundle has everything an aspiring young engineer would want to create the Makey Makey project of their dreams. Included is a Makey Makey Classic invention kit, our backpack bundle for using the back of the board, and even booster kit materials to get them started inventing on the fly! We wouldn’t be surprised if your young engineer creates something we never thought of before!

Creative Engineer Bundle Contents

The Makey Makey Creative Engineer Bundle includes everything needed to use Makey Makey to its fullest potential. With three backpacks, intriguing conductive materials like conductive thread and fabric, and even some extra alligator clips, the options for creating new inventions with Makey Makey know no limits!

Young Inventor Bundle

$74.95 $84.90

Do you have a young inventor at home that is already down the path of dreaming up nutty inventions and building them out of cardboard, tape, and popsicle sticks? Do they have some of the basic materials but are looking for something to level up their Makey Makey skills? Is the box that your gifts are packed in played with more than the gifts? If so, this Young Inventor Bundle is perfect for your creator! Enable the imaginations and creativity of your young inventor to turn their gift box into a game controller, musical instrument, or an alarm trigger with a Makey Makey and our Bananaversary Backpack Bundle.

Young Inventor Bundle Contents

The Makey Makey Young Inventor Bundle includes everything needed to start inventing! With three choices of backpack and some extra alligator clip wires, your young inventor will be coding and crafting countless new inventions.

Inspired Creator Bundle

$59.95 $89.85

The Makey Makey Inspired Creator Bundle is the perfect gift for someone who is always looking for things to build and create. This bundle includes everything your inspired creator needs to make their invention dreams come true. Included is a Makey Makey and both of our booster kits to fill your toolbox with crafty components and curiously inventive materials.

Inspired Creator Bundle Contents

The Makey Makey Inspired Creator Bundle focuses on crafting and coding! With our unique booster packs and a Makey Makey Invention Kit your inspired creator can focus on intriguing physical computing projects.

Stocking Stuffer Accessories

Need a little something extra to fill a spot in an existing gift or possibly fill out the stocking of a Makey Makey enthusiast? Our wide range of accessories for Makey Makey are always a great and cost effective way to perfect this year's gift!

Makey Makey Alligator Clips


You can never have too many alligator clips when using Makey Makey! Add7 more clips to add to your young inventor’s toolbox!

Makey Makey USB-C Cable


A perfect gift to help your Makey Makey expert connect their Makey Makey to phones and tablets with USB-C. Ditch the adapter and simplify things with a single cable!

Makey Makey Conductive Pencil Set


Makey Makey conductive pencils are a great stocking stuffer for Makey Makey experts! With this set of 12 Makey Makey optimized pencils, your creative engineer can draw their own circuits, controllers, and musical instruments!


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