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May 09, 2021

Only Three Days Left to Signup for our Summer Institute!

We are thrilled to be part of #InfyPathfinders Summer 2021 Professional Development training program for K-12 public school teachers, hosted by @InfyFoundation. We thoroughly enjoyed participating in the winter institute, and are stoked to offer more PD this summer!

Invention Literacy with Makey Makey and Scrappy Circuits

This Makey Makey-intensive course will blend our dynamic in-person workshop with our new online resources for teachers. Participants will learn the basics of circuits and Makey Makey with hands-on exploration, then begin to craft and code their own inventions. We will further delve into the world of invention literacy by building Scrappy Circuits! This virtual workshop will build off the basics of electronics and cardboard building, and help teachers learn how to create expressive interactive art, hack recycled toys, create alarms with office supplies, and even learn to make pixel art fingerpaint! Makey Makey blends the best of the maker world by sharing very hands-on building techniques for the ultimate physical computing inventions.

All supplies for this course (Makey Makey and supplemental supplies) will be provided by us and shipped to you so you can learn virtually in real time with these experienced virtual educators. You will want to have some recyclables handy so you can realize the full potential of the world as your construction kit!

Hear from our Winter Institute Participants

Tina Boldt Benton shares her experience of what she learned from our Makey Makey course. 


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Librarian Karen Pfeffer also attended our winter institute and is sharing her newfound ideas with teachers in her school! 

"My experiences with learning Makey Makey as part of the Pathfinders Institute afforded me the ability to learn in a scenario similar to my students.  Projects were built hands on with the opportunity to question for assistance but also allowing me the option to problem solve and rethink on my own.  Having created this way, I am able to replicate the experience for my own students.  I can tailor the lessons to fit their needs and abilities while allowing them the opportunity to explore and create.  In addition, my Pathfinders adventure has allowed me to gain confidence in teaching material which I have been uncomfortable with in the past."



Here are her 5th graders are exploring conductors, insulators and making sensors:







And her 3rd Grade students are making interactive art!





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