#BackToSchool Tips and Tricks: Makey Makey Poetry!

August 28, 2023

It's time to head back to school! We are celebrating with a bundle and save sale along with some weekly blog posts giving you the best tips and tricks for using Makey Makey in your classroom this year!

Today's post is all about creating interactive poetry with Makey Makey! Here are some of our favorite project ideas!

Sampler Poetry

Did you know you could make poetry with our music sampler? Students could make or upload sound bites to accompany a poem, or even read and record poetic sound bites. Our Sampler will allow you to record up to 5 seconds in length. If you need a longer sound bite, you could use a free online recording tool like Sodaphonic. Make sure recordings are saved as WAV files and then upload them to the Sampler library. 

Here is "A Jelly-fish" by Marianne Moore made interactive with graphite drawings and our Sampler App.


Need a more in-depth tutorial on saving and exporting samples? Check out this guide on creating Interactive Posters with our Sampler App

More Poetic Ideas

Sketch it! Play it! Poetry

Sketch it! Play it! Poetry: This guide shares how to think of a poem visually, express those ideas in drawing form and then code soundbites with Scratch.



Blackout Poetry

Blackout Poetry: Taken from Austin Kleon's idea to "Steal like an Artist". Black out poetry is created by blacking out some words on a preprinted or discard book page. This is a great exercise in copyright and creative writing! (Check out this online Black Out Poetry generator if you do not have discarded books.)



Draw and Code a Poem Generator

Draw and Code a Poem Generator: In this project, students write different parts of a poem, code them in Scratch, and draw a poem generator. 



 Interactive Drawing Challenge


Interactive Drawing Challenge: Create an interactive drawing that teaches something or create poetry from drawings! Take this quick design challenge to try out drawing your circuits. Connect your drawing to our Makey Makey Sampler app to plug and play, or code your drawings to speak with Scratch!


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