Celebrating Black History Month with Creative STEM Projects

February 01, 2022

February is Black History Month, and one great way to integrate hands-on STEM into your celebration is with a Makey Makey Interactive Poster project. No matter your students’ comfort level with coding and computer technology, they’ll hone their research skills as they learn about Black inventors, scientists, politicians, musicians, or poets.

Students are creatively engaged when they design and construct their own interactive posters using Makey Makey and Scratch to share what they have learned about the many contributions of Black figures throughout history.

Research A Poster Topic

Challenge your students to do their own research on Black figures throughout history. Have them gather images, stories, quotes, and even sound recordings they can use to design a poster that displays what they have learned.

Make the Poster Touch Interactive

Using everyday conductive materials like aluminum foil, students can create interactive touch points on any poster made of paper or cardboard. When designing their posters, students might think about who will be interacting with them and what they want their audience to learn about their poster topic.

Recording Sounds

You can record short musical samples, poetry, story snippets, interview quotes, and their own voices using the free Makey Sampler app then connect directly to a Makey Makey board for a plug-and-play interactive poster experience! Pro Tip: When recording your own voice, it helps to practice what you will say several times before recording.

Recording Sounds

 Check out the Full Interactive Poster Guide!


Black History Month Books and Makey Makey Quiz Show Lesson Ideas

What: Makey Makey Project Ideas for Black History Month Webinar
March 9, 2022, 2:00pm ET

Check out the recording from our latest webinar to learn how to bring hands-on STEM learning to Black History Month with another cool Makey Makey project- the Interactive Quiz Show! The Makey Makey creative team shares some great lesson ideas and how to build physical quiz show devices activated by our new Buzzer app! Plus, walk away with tons of great books to read and share!

More Resources

Click Above to download Book Sampling and Book List


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