Makey Makey Pianos: Beyond the Banana

March 03, 2020

Taking Pianos Beyond the Banana

Everyone loves a good banana piano, but there are a bunch of great piano guides to stretch your thinking beyond the banana. Jordi Crespo just posted this epic piano guide on Instructables and it got us thinking about all the ways you can Makey Makey a Piano! 

In Jordi's Instructables, he outlines how to lasercut a working cardboard baby grand piano. It is one amazing build!

 View the Guide on Instructables


Super Easy Floor Piano

If a full sized baby grand sounds too daunting, you should try making a quick super easy floor piano with HVAC tape.

How does this work? Makey Makey works by connecting alligator clips to everyday things that have some conductivity. One conductive touchpad is connected to EARTH and the each strip of tape is connected to a key press. When your foot touches both the EARTH strip and a key press, your body is actually the conductive material that closes the circuit and makes Makey Makey work! 


View the Guide


Piano Chair

Maybe you want to make a piano out of something a little more unconventional. We love this piano chair guide by UK ambassador Fraser McKay!

 View the Guide

Roll Up Floor Piano Guide by Fraser McKay

Frazer is pretty awesome at making pianos! He also made this roll up floor piano guide that inspired us to make a piano on a yoga mat!

 View the Instructables Guide


Live Your Big Dreams

We know this dates us, but we always think of Tom Hanks playing Chopsticks when we think of giant pianos! We were inspired by Frazer to make this guide for an oversized, full scale piano with sharps and flats.

 View the Guide


A Playable Music Sheet?!

Our Instructables contest just finished up and we love this amazing music project that was entered. Lina Maria created this guide to help students learn how to read music sheets!

 View the Instructables Guide


We love seeing all these pianos that go beyond the banana! What type of piano will you create? 

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