Makey Makey Holidays 2021!

December 03, 2021



There are so many fun holiday projects you can make with our invention kit! We wanted to share a post to give you some ideas to use at home or with your students at school!

What will you Makey Makey for the Holidays? 



Interactive Sheet Music with Makey Makey and ! What sheet music should we make next? #odetojoychallenge #OdeToJoy #MakeyMakey

♬ original sound - Makey Makey


Holiday Door Display

Last year, educator Natalie Markey made this awesome Holiday Door Display on Instructables  for Chrismahanakwanzika. See our post here or head to Instructables to make your own.


Kalo Haslem's Interactive Christmas Tree



We love this interactive Christmas tree created by Makey Makey ambassador Kalo Haslem!

For the Interactive Christmas tree, the kindergarten students made ornaments. Then they were able to come into the hall and trigger them and dance. The classes talked about how circuits work.

Claire Garside's Sensory Tree

Claire Garside, a researcher at Leeds University made her actual tree interactive with Makey Makey and Soundplant. With the new IOS update, you can actually use your iPhone or iPad coupled with our Sampler app to recreate a similar effect! 



Here is another great interactive tree!

Makey Makey Holiday Cards

Here is a really amazing holiday card tutorial from Yui at Conductive Music for making interactive greeting cards. Yui makes the most amazing cartoon tutorials! We just love them. This is a great group in London that helps promote technology and music.


 A holiday card can also take the shape of a Christmas tree, like this great example from Bethany Jones on Twitter.


 More inspirational holiday cards by McPherson's classes!




Record Student Greetings



Last holiday season, Mrs. Fedewicz's class recorded messages to make their holiday door interactive. 

Talking Paper Doll and Holiday Culture Stories by Naomi Harm

During Aaron Maurer's 29 days of Making in 2019, Naomi Harm shared an excellent idea for students to share their culture and holiday stories by creating talking paper dolls


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