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New Project November: Design a Controller for Make a Sketch

November 09, 2021

Have you seen our new apps?!?!?!  The new Makey Makey Apps are the culmination of years of learning and play at JoyLabz. We took our tried-and-true piano app that was created when Makey Makey was first introduced, and we took it up a level alongside a number of new apps that we have created from the ground up. The new apps all have a number of cool features and are adjustable so you can plug and play your next invention. Which means, they are excellent canon fodder for your New Project November inventions!

Design a Controller for a New Makey Makey App!

There is no doubt this is exactly what Matt Moore was thinking when he was planning for his Year 5 class! We love the idea of designing a controller specifically for one of our new apps. This is just enough creative constraint to keep your student's from facing white page syndrome and not knowing where to start! 




Makey Makey Make-a-Sketch App

Share the new Make-a-Sketch App with your students and challenge students to design a controller just for this app! The Make-a-Sketch App is a digital version of your tried-and-true childhood magnetic doodling toy. But now you can use anything conductive to control it!

We paired this app with a hula hoop controller in our Get Up + Go Booster Kit Guide, but the possibilities for creating a sketching controller are endless! We can't wait to see what you and your students make to control this app!


Make A Sketch / Plug and Play

The Makey Makey Make-a-Sketch App is designed to work with Makey Makey right out of the box. Our app is mapped to the Makey Makey arrow keys (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT), so just plug in your Makey Makey, and you can start drawing in the app right away.

If you want to get fancy (and we hope that you do!), you can open up the control panel by clicking on the lock button in the upper right of the app window and adjust the pen thickness or even adjust the color of the pen! To reset, don't shake your computer! Instead just press the spacebar input on your Makey Makey!

If you're looking for some fun in the choice of color, you can also use the Makey Makey "W" key to change the color to a random one. If you want to erase your drawing, click on the Reset button in the app by pressing the space key. It is as simple as that!

Now, let's see if you can level up your drawing skills. As an inspiration, check out what our 12 year old artist in residence created…


Doodle on the NEW Make-a-Sketch App!

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