Unicorns and Tik Tok

September 22, 2020

So... we joined Tik Tok!  I guess the news is a little late, but we wanted to share a wacky video that pushed us into some strange design ideas.

We found this amazing Unicorn game designed by students (Simon Archer and colleagues) in Norway.



Meanwhile at universities in Norway ##hellō

♬ Smile (Simlish Version) - Lily Allen


We thought this was pretty amazing and challenged ourselves to make our own unicorn game one rainy day.

Here's what we came up with:



Meanwhile in Texas... using ##MakeyMakey to play Clop! inspired by @simonarchr ##hello ##OnlineSchool ##TeachersofTikTok ##2Players1Unicorn ##AltController

♬ Smile - Lily Allen


We made a large unicorn frame with cardboard and styrofoam and just used a foil on cardboard as our key presses. The kids held EARTH in their hands and then had to walk in place to make the unicorn walk. (Which is really hard to do even if you are pressing the keys! It is almost easier to play with a real walking motion, but still difficult nonetheless!)

The game CLOP uses Flash player and the keys K and H for the front of the unicorn and J and L for the back of the unicorn! It just takes a quick remap

We feel a #UnicornChallenge coming on! Think your students would enjoy taking on this challenge?



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