Rewatch This Webinar and Check out Resources for Creating Content and Activities for At-Home Learning

August 25, 2020

Review This Week's Webinar!

TOPIC: STEM From a Distance: Creating Content and Activities for AT home Learning

WHEN: August 27th 12 pm Pacific/ 2 pm Central/ 3 pm Eastern

In this new webinar series, we are reaching out to educators all over the world to see how they are tackling the challenges of teaching STEM in the era of COVID-19.

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Join our amazing panel this week as we dive deeper into the conversation about developing dynamic curriculum and resources to engage students learning at home.



Leon Tynes: Leon has been preparing ideas this summer for sending home kits to his 4th- 8th graders in Arizona. He's looking at differentiation in his virtual lessons to aid kids that need more help, and kids that need more of a challenge. He is focused on equity and empathy.

Smita Kolhatkar: Smita is a Director of Innovation and she created online PD this summer and is now asking "How can we take these ideas into our virtual classrooms?" and "How can we make this teaching style better?" She sent home STEM bingo boards with high success last spring and sent home materials for learning this summer.

Nathan Sekinger: Nathan is a Middle School Librarian in Virginia that will be virtual for the entire fall. He is focused on getting kids to be inventive with the materials and things they have at their own house. He will be holding a virtual tech club and is brainstorming innovative ways to keep the kids engaged and sending home kits for making. (Also kudos to Nathan for bringing home 3D printers to make PPE for healthcare workers in the spring!)

Chris Woods: Chris is also known as Daily STEM (a really great podcast he hosts!) He is also a middle school Mathematics teacher with a focus on STEM. This spring and summer he has shared lots and lots of great STEM ideas for parents at home with kids. He will help us discuss "How we keep teachers from Zoom fatigue" and other virtual troubles we haven't thought of yet. (Like troubleshooting making from a distance!)

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Resources From Webinar

Recording and Resources will be located here after the live webinar.


Makey Makey Resources

Free shipping to students extended through September! 


More Resources from our Educator Panel

  • Link to the STEM Everyday Podcast archives:
 (Chris is always looking for great guests to be on the podcast… let him know if you’re interested!)
  • Pear Deck is a cool way to have interaction during live meetings with students - provides kids with anonymity but teacher can still see what they’re saying and share responses: 


    Low Cost STEM Ideas for #RemoteLearning

    Making Connections with Other Educators (From a Distance)

    Hacks for Distance Learning



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