Fruit Catcher Controller for Makey Max Backpack

Want to pump up your projects? Take your invention to the MAX with the Makey Max Backpack. This backpack enables inventors to alligator clip to the 12 inputs on the back of Makey Makey. Making the full board accessible for all inventors. It's the ultimate in extreme inventing!  In this project, learn how to make your own Whack a Mole style controller for our Fruit Catcher App!

Gather Supplies and Create Conductive Touchpoints

For this project, you need an egg carton. Our Fruit Catcher app is adjustable, so your physical controller can have anywhere from 3-18 inputs. Since we are highlighting our new Makey Max Backpack, we are going to share how to make this fruit catcher project with 18 conductive touchpoints. 

Use brass fasteners from our Craft + Code Booster kit to make conductive touchpoints. You will tap these points to catch fruit when it drops in the Fruit Catcher web app!

On the inside of your controller aka the egg carton, mark placement of Makey Makey inputs. Remember this is the underside of your controller so the bottom row will be the top row when you are right side up!


Makey Max Backpack and Remapping Makey Makey

Your Makey Max backpack will allow you to utilize all the inputs on the back of Makey Makey. For this project, we suggest remapping the mouse controls to the number 1-6. 

Remap Instructions

For this project, if you want to use 18 inputs, you will remap the mouse controls to numbers 1-6. 

Download your own Remap Worksheet


Full Guide on Remapping a Makey Makey Classic or Makey Go

Attaching Backpack

Once your Makey Makey mouse controls are remapped, you are ready to attach the Makey Max backpack. Align all pins on the backpack board with the headers on Makey Makey.  

Gently squeeze the boards together with even pressure, making sure all pins enter the corresponding holes. 


Alligator Clip

Alligator clip all connections as guided by the amount of inputs you are utilizing with the Fruit Catcher App.


Connect EARTH to Plug and Play!

Connect an alligator clip to EARTH.

Attach EARTH to the bracelet from our Get Up + Go Booster Kit to stay connected and play Fruit Catcher with both hands! 



    Time Investment
    30-45 min
     5th- 12th



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