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Lesson Seven: Code Two Player Games with MakeCode Arcade

MakeCode Arcade is another great block-based programming language! It is similar to Scratch but it also includes the JavaScript code for any games you code. It works great with Makey Makey and is a pretty fast set up to use your Makey Makey as a controller once you learn to code games in MakeCode Arcade!

MakeCode Arcade Tutorials

In the last class, you created an interactive story with Scratch! In this class, you'll try a new coding platform called MakeCode Arcade. MakeCode Arcade is built for physical computing!

We highly suggest taking two or three MakeCode Arcade tutorials before continuing with this lesson! 


Create a Simple Game

Create a simple game in MakeCode Arcade using the "Controller" palette to add the "move (my sprite) with buttons" block that will automatically set up your sprite to be controlled by your Makey Makey arrow keys.

Use the space bar to throw projectiles!

The "A" button in Make Code Arcade is set up to be the space bar on your computer or on your Makey Makey. Use the "on A button pressed" block to use your space key to launch projectiles.

Check out this video to make a super quick game and control it with your Makey Makey.


Remap Makey Makey to Create Two Controllers for MakeCode Arcade

Did you know you can remap the keys on your Makey Makey to any keyboard key you want? For this step, you will remap your Makey Makey to work flawlessly with MakeCode Arcade and if you want, you can remap a second controller so you can build two player games!

MakeCode Arcade's Player One works with the Makey Makey keyboard keys naturally. The first player sprite is controlled with arrow keys or WASD keys. The only key our Makey Makey isn't already coded to work with is the B press, which on player one is the "X" key. All you need to do is remap the "CLICK" on your Makey Makey to be an "X" key, and your first player controller will be completely set up!

To make a second controller, you'll have to remap all of the key presses on the front of your Makey Makey. We suggest writing the keys you will remap to on your board with a marker since it will be easier when remapping than switching back and forth, plus, you'll be changing the keys on this Makey Makey until you decide to open the remap software and change it again! Here's a video to show the whole process of remapping two controllers.


Code a Two Player Game!

Now you are all set up to code a two player game in MakeCode Arcade! What will you create? We'd love to see your games!

In the last class of this series, you'll learn more Scratch coding tips and draw your own poem generator! 

Time Investment
30-45 min



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