Make a Sketch: Hula Hoop Controller

Time Investment
45 min


  • Makey Makey
  • Scissors - Used for cutting paper, tape and other things other than your fingers!
  • Wire Strippers - For cutting wire and removing the outside insulated coating
  • Makey Makey - The tool that makes the magic happen!
  • USB Cable - The cable to plug the Makey Makey into your computer!
  • Computer with Internet Connection - We will be using an app in Scratch that is shared online!
  • Materials

  • Hula Hoop (NOT INCLUDED)

  • Duct Tape (NOT INCLUDED)- Sticks to everything! As many colors and patterns as you can find!!!!


  • Get Up & Go Booster Materials
    • Spool of Wire - Solid core is great!
    • Conductive Fabric Tape- It's conductive and adhesive
    • 6' Long Aligator Clips- Six feet long... and green!
    • Velcro Wrist Band- Helps to keep you grounded to EARTH



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