MakeCode Arcade Controller: Dig Dug Simulator

Keep scrolling if you want to make a super cool DIY controller with your kids! Build this project to make an oversized stand up Dig Dug Simulator with Makey Makey, foil, and cardboard.

Dig Dug Simulator and Coding in MakeCode Arcade


You can make really fun simulators now with Makey Makey and MakeCode Arcade thanks to our new MakeCode Arcade extension!

How do I use the Makey Makey extension?

Head to MakeCode Arcade, in the drawers of coding blocks, you will find the Extensions drawer at the bottom of the list. Click the + Extensions to open the drawer and add the Makey Makey extension.

You can search for "Makey Makey" or scroll for the extension. Just look for our logo!

Once you've added it, you'll have a Makey Makey drawer that has two distinct blocks of code.

What do the Blocks do?

The easiest way to use Makey Makey with MakeCode Arcade is to add the "use makey makey default keys" block to the "on start" event block. Then you can build (or mod a preexisting game) and play this game with your own alt controller built with Makey Makey!


Dig Dug Controller

Making a Dig Dug simulator is really fun and pretty easy!

Cut 5 cardboard squares and one triangle. Cover them with foil. These will be your conductive touchpads. You will make an oversized dpad with EARTH in the center. The Player will stand on EARTH and use their feet to touch each dpad controller to move the sprite (aka character) in your uniquely coded game!
Since we are making Dig Dug, you will want to create a shovel and make the entire shovel conductive with foil and/or HVAC tape.
This will be your digging controller! When the shovel touches SPACE, your sprite will dig in the direction you are moving.

To connect each conductive touchpad to Makey Makey , cut 5 long strips of wire.  Make sure to strip the ends so the wire is exposed. Connect one wire to each cardboard square covered in foil. Use conductive tape to create a strong connection.
Do this for all 5 square pads. Make sure the wire is securely taped to the touchpad.
Create a digging controller all around the dpad with HVAC or conductive tape. This tape trace will be connected to SPACE and will dig in the direction you are pressing with your foot. So if you are pressing the down arrow with your foot, you will dig down. To dig left, touch the left dpad arrow with your foot and touch the shovel to the tape trace. Since the player is standing on EARTH, the shovel will make a connection to SPACE when the shovel touches this tape trace going around your controller.


Coding Your Own Games: 
Code Ninjas Paddle Skedaddle

We love this extension so much! Our friends at Code Ninjas made this rad game in Make Code Arcade called Paddle Skedaddle. Put the Extension to the Test with Code Ninjas. Fill out this form to "Explore A World Where Kids Write the Code!" 

You'll get to Treasure Hunting Game and you can learn to code your own project based on the Code Ninja game!

Image of Treasure Tunnel at Code Ninjas Site



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