Remap Makey Makey for Makey Max Backpack

Want to use Makey Makey Max with our plug and play apps? Remap the mouse inputs with this quick and easy guide! 

Remap Makey Makey

If you want to use 18 inputs, you will remap the mouse controls on the back of Makey Makey to numbers 1-6. When you attach the Makey Max Backpack after remapping, the mouse controls will now be numbers 1-6.

Make sure you have a Makey Makey of 1.4 or higher to use with the Makey Makey Backpack. (You can remap 1.2 or higher and use jumper wires if you do not have the Makey Makey Backpack bundle)

Click here to open remap page!

Check version number
Follow the illustration on the remap page to place alligator clips. One clip from the up arrow to down arrow and one clip connected from the left arrow to the right arrow. This will put Makey Makey into a remap state.
Place alligator clips as instructed for remap
Once you are in the remap software, hold EARTH and move the cursor on the page by pressing the arrow key inputs on Makey Makey. When you get to the mouse header section, press click, then navigate to change the top mouse input to the number 1. Repeat until you've changed all of the mouse inputs to the numbers 1-6.
Hold EARTH and change key presses
Make sure to save your settings!

After all keys are remapped, click the down arrow and tap SAVE to maintain the remapped keys. Until you put Makey Makey into a remap state again, these inputs are now remapped to your new choices. You might want to label your Makey Makey so you remember that it is remapped!

Once your Makey Makey mouse controls are remapped, you are ready to attach the Makey Max backpack. Align all pins on the backpack board with the headers on Makey Makey.  

Gently squeeze the boards together with even pressure, making sure all pins enter the corresponding holes. 

Attach Makey Max Backpack
Test your inputs on Makey Max with the piano app, or open a document and see if pressing these inputs outputs the numbers 1-6.
Test Inputs


Makey Max Project Ideas

Now that you've remapped Makey Makey to utilize it to its fullest potential, what project will you make?




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