Super Simple Joystick with Modeling Clay

Ever wanted to add a second player? Plug in this backpack to instantly double your game controls and double the fun! Enable Player 2 with this gamer-rific backpack and create custom game controllers along with friends. 

Create Arrow Keys and EARTH

Everyone loves a Play-doh controller! Did you know you can hack this simple controller into a joystick? With our new Player 2 Backpack, you can add another player quickly too!

This joystick was inspired by Mr. Fogle's students' projects!

Let's get started! Grab your Makey Makey, Player 2 Backpack, some foil, and modeling clay.

First, make four arrows out of modeling clay and place a ball in the center. Make sure none of the pieces touch. Make a second set for a second player!

Connect to Makey Makey

Connect each arrow input to Makey Makey and connect the center piece to EARTH.

To add a second player grab your Player 2 Backpackalign all pins on the backpack board with the headers on Makey Makey. 

Gently squeeze the boards together with even pressure, making sure all pins enter the corresponding holes. 
Now alligator clip your second set of arrows to WASD for Player 2!
W = Up
A= Left
S= Down
D= Right
Create an EARTH and Play Games

Cut a piece of cardboard to function as EARTH. Cover it with foil and get ready to play!

Now your foil functions like a joystick, you can tilt to control your simple joystick!


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More Ideas for Controllers

Challenge yourself to make joysticks out of everyday stuff! Try some of our other guides or invent your own joystick!

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Time Investment
 20 min 
 2nd- 8th



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