Happy #CSEdWeek! Here's our Day One Challenge

This week is the start of Computer Science Education Week and schools around the country are introducing kids to Computer Science with Hour of Code activities. Last week we shared a few ideas for coding with Scratch and controlling those... READ MORE

Hour of Code and Beyond!

Every December schools around the country celebrate Hour of Code as part of Computer Science Education Week. We can't wait to see how you have your students mash up coding with inventing out of everyday stuff. We know from years past that... READ MORE

Grateful Wednesday and a Special Giveaway!

  For everyone who’s been itching to get a STEM pack into their classroom or library, we’re giving away 5 STEM PACKS. It’s the ultimate resource for introducing Invention Literacy into your learning space!To enter, you'll need to create a guide... READ MORE

Heads up! Grateful Wednesday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday!

It’s the giving season and Joylabz is definitely in the giving mood.Stay tuned this Wednesday for a special BOGO offer and a STEM Classroom Pack Giveaway that is sure to get the inventors around you excited!In the meantime, take a look at what you can... READ MORE

Fun Fact Friday: Great News for Labz!

Google Classroom Sync Did you know that you can now sync your Google Classroom classes with Makey Makey Labz? Now it's easy to create classes in Labz and share remix ideas with students! Here's a super quick tutorial on how... READ MORE

Introducing our Fall 2018 Ambassador Class!

We are so happy to introduce our first global class of Makey Makey Ambassadors! In a flood of applications, these 20 individuals stood out by producing great content in Labz, actively training other educators about Makey Makey, and/or having a strong... READ MORE

Featured Educators: Michele Morgan and Jennifer Schank

We are so stoked to share this month's featured educators with you! These ladies are utilizing Makey Makey in their occupational therapy practice to help clients in new and innovative ways! Tell us a little bit about you: Michele Morgan:... READ MORE
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