1) Plug in USB The lights on the GO will dance a little, then settle on Blue. Blue = Right Click.   2) Close Popup Window (If Any) Your computer may ask you to install drivers or do other setup.... READ MORE

Use different keys!

If you want to go beyond "left click" and "spacebar", visit and follow the instructions to change what key command is triggered by the Makey Makey when the light is Red. "Left click" will always be there when you switch to... READ MORE

Sensitive Settings

Press and hold the Play Button  The Sensitive Setting is still calibrating to the specific object you have connected, although with greater sensitivity. Tap the Play Button  again to leave the Sensitive Setting. Say you've got a big pot, and you... READ MORE


Send a Postcard! Use the backboard! Put a postage stamp and an address on it and send it on its way. Can't think of someone to write to? Send us a drawing of your invention! We're at JoyLabz PO Box 1444Santa... READ MORE

Try Out Different Materials

Make anything into a key! You can send a signal through anything that's even a little bit conductive. You can also create inventions that combine conductive and non-conductive parts. Conductive Materials Here are a few things to try: Most fruits... READ MORE


I can't get a key to press! Make sure your Makey Makey GO is plugged into the computer. The Makey Makey GO should have a red or blue light on the back showing that it is connected properly. Is it... READ MORE
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