Makey Makey in the Music Classroom

September 15, 2023

Makey Makey in the Music Classroom


Imagine a classroom where bananas become piano keys, Play-Doh transforms into a drum kit, and everyday objects become conduits of musical expression. As we step into the enchanting world of the music classroom, we'll discover how Makey Makey is orchestrating a symphony of innovation, turning conventional music lessons into a truly electrifying experience.

Water Piano

The simplest (and most popular) way to make music with Makey Makey is by creating your own banana or piano! Plug your Makey Makey into a computer, use the alligator clips to connect bananas (other fruits or anything conductive), open the piano app in any web browser, and play away. Try adding food coloring to water and color code your music!


Make a Floor Piano

Use some HVAC tape to create a giant piano on the floor!


Super Easy Floor Piano

Full Scale Piano

You can get more complicated with your build and make an oversized full scale piano with this Makey Makey + Scratch project

Oversized Full Scale Piano

Full Scale Paper Piano


Make a Full scale paper piano with conductive tape, brass fasteners, pencil lead, and Makey Makey!

Full Scale Paper Piano


Our Sampler is a fun way to create music based on pressing arrow keys or WASD. You can record your own sounds, upload sounds, or choose from our curated samples!

Sampler Guitar 

Ready to move into a DAW or digital audio workstation?

Here are some guides to help you make your own music or sounds with different software apps: 


Create your own Ableton controller with Makey Makey and you can trigger samples, control loops and play beats with this arcade inspired device. Using arcade buttons and a Makey Makey, you can build your own custom controller and perform electronic music live, all with the push of an arcade button.  

Ableton Controller by Frazer Merrick


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