Creativity Matters- Free Resources from Authors and Illustrators While You are at Home!

We know parents and teachers are working with their kids at home for the next few weeks, so we wanted to compile some great resources we've seen shared by famous authors and illustrators. A lot of these creators are doing... READ MORE

"Cashing In" on Design Thinking: An Epic Collaboration Project

Accessibility Series We love the innovative ways that students and educators use Makey Makey to create assistive technology! In fact, we are working on making a page to feature "accessibility" projects. This post is the perfect start if you are interested in... READ MORE

Featured Educator: Derek Robertson "Are you Ready for this Jelly?"

Featured Educator Series We love the innovative ways that educators (in both formal and informal learning spaces) introduce learners to the concept of physical computing with Makey Makey and coding languages like: Scratch, Processing, and Python. Each month, we will... READ MORE

How to Combine STEM and PE w Eric Turrill, Unruly Splats, and Makey Makey

We've wrapped up another great webinar for the books! This week we joined Unruly Splats and Eric Turrill to talk about combining movement and STEM!  Watch the Webinar!   More Resources Subscribe to Eric's Youtube channel to get a daily... READ MORE

Makey Makey Pianos: Beyond the Banana

Everyone loves a good banana piano, but there are a bunch of great piano guides to stretch your thinking beyond the banana. Jordi Crespo just posted this epic piano guide on Instructables and it got us thinking about all the ways you... READ MORE

Instructables Contest

Last summer we debuted our Teacher community on Instructables, so we are really stoked about this contest on Instructables featuring Makey Makey! There are some really awesome guides being shared with cool ideas we haven't thought of and we wanted to... READ MORE

Upcoming March Webinars

We've got some great webinars coming up next month!  How to Combine STEM & PE Webinar You may remember Eric Turrill from the featured educator post we did with him about #STEMinthegym last August. He's an innovative PE teacher using... READ MORE
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