A Live Q&A with Doll-E 1.0 Author Shanda McCloskey

Join us for our first ever student-focused webinar! Teachers, we are inviting you to bring your class to this webinar to hear from Shanda McCloskey, the author of the best selling book Doll - E 1.0. Your students will be... READ MORE

Featured Educator: Chris Ippolito and his Digital Orchestra and Global Arcade

Featured Educator Series We love the innovative ways that educators (in both formal and informal learning spaces) introduce learners to the concept of physical computing with Makey Makey and coding languages like: Scratch, Processing, and Python. Each month, we will... READ MORE

Webinar Posted: Project Invent with Connie Liu and Jason Hubbard

Project Invent Project Invent is a school invention program that helps students design and engineer inventions for a better world. Join us for a casual chat with Connie Liu the founder and executive director of Project Invent. Plus, the super... READ MORE

Check out the Surfing Scratcher!

The Surfing Scratcher is an awesome teacher, surfer, programmer that has a mission to help students and teachers learn math through coding. He just released another video with our little invention kit yesterday, and we thought we'd share his two... READ MORE

Makey Makey Ambassador Update!

Last month we announced that our ambassador window is open! Since then the applications have been pouring in and we wanted to share some of the awesome work from our Instructables Teacher Community! Also, if you are still interested in applying,... READ MORE

Featured Educator: Matthew Moore and Scratch Conference Europe

This successful workshop at the Scratch conference was just too cool not to share with our community! So we reached out to Matt to interview him and find out more about how he shares Makey Makey ideas with other teachers. ... READ MORE

Teaching Idea: Weather Intervention Systems

Colleen and Tom have been busy working on our first online course for educators all over the world that want to go #beyondthebanana with Makey Makey! Even though the class isn't ready for an unveiling, we wanted to share a... READ MORE
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