Webinar Posted: You are a Sound Artist too!

We had a great time today during our first lunch and learn webinar of the back to school season for the 2019-2020 school year! We interviewed Mike who is a Makey Makey fanatic. He uses Makey Makey in his work... READ MORE

Featured Educator: Eric Turrill and STEM in the Gym

We love the innovative ways that educators (in both formal and informal learning spaces) introduce learners to the concept of physical computing with Makey Makey and coding languages like: Scratch, Processing, and Python. Each month, we will feature an educator... READ MORE

Check out our NEW How-To Page!

We've updated our how-to page to include our most popular guides from Labz.  Plus, we've broken out our guides into the ultimate skill- level building sections. But best of all, you can even sort guides by grade level!  New to Makey... READ MORE

ISTE 2019 Wrap Up!

#Boothlife We had so much fun in Philly last week at ISTE in our largest booth yet! We shared Makey Makey inventions, and teachers tried out GameBender and gave us some really stellar feedback.  DIY Demo Inventions On our Makey... READ MORE

Instructables + Makey Makey = An Awesome DIY community

An Exciting DIY Partnership We’ve got some really exciting news! To better serve our education community, Labz is moving to a new home. We are partnering with Instructables to make creating Labz guides for students and teachers even more accessible.... READ MORE

GameBender Taking a New Direction

On May 24th, 2019, we announced our new company, GameBender. The soul of GameBender is our mission "The World is a Construction Kit." We encapsulated this mission over the last 4 years in GameBender OS (software that lets you create... READ MORE

Our New Product is LIVE - Gaming Reinvented the Makey Makey Way

Today is the day!  We are launching our new product from our sister company, GameBender. It has been four years of chocolate sweat and tears, and today we can finally share this work that has our heart and soul in... READ MORE
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