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Robotics Week Meets Poetry Month: Webinar with BirdBrain Technologies

We cooked up a mash-up of epic proportions for robotics week and poetry month!  Our curriculum lead Colleen Graves joined Katie Henry of BirdBrain Technologies and Bud Hunt of Clearview Library District to explore how robotics and Makey Makey can be used a compositional tool to inspire literacy connections... READ MORE

New Educator Guide: Tinkering with Circuits and Makey Makey

Here at Makey Makey we are constantly evaluating ways we can help teachers integrate Makey Makey into the curriculum! Our latest teacher's guide focuses on tinkering with circuits in stations. Supplies for each station are listed, along with simple instructions... READ MORE

New Guides: Three Ways to Build a Floor Piano

Banana pianos are awesome, but what about playing music with your feet?   Introducing our new guides to build your own oversized floor piano or your own portable piano!    In this new guide, you can build a quick floor piano with... READ MORE

Assistive Technology and Makey Makey - Resources and Webinar!

Edited to include the broadcast of our webinar with Trisha Roffey. -March 27, 2019. We've seen a lot of great Makey Makey work centered around the topic of accessibility and assistive technology devices. More and more occupational therapists are starting... READ MORE

Featured Educator: Tim Thatcher and Conductor Light Boxes

Featured Educator Series We love the innovative ways that educators (in both formal and informal learning spaces) introduce learners to the concept of physical computing with Makey Makey and coding languages like: Scratch, Processing, and Python. Each month, we will... READ MORE

Fun Fact Friday: What are your favorite conductors?

Last week over on our Facebook educator group, Michael Carroll (inventor at Scrappy Circuits) posed this question...   What are you favorite conductors to use with MakeyMakey and your students? Any unexpected ones? I’ll get the list started with aluminum... READ MORE

A Makey Makey Valentine Gift!

Happy Valentine's 2019! To celebrate we are releasing a Labz guide with a free template to create an interactive Valentine's card for ya! This paper circuit made with conductive tape from our Inventor Booster Kit and an LED, will have kids... READ MORE
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