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Great new Midi App Made by MrBombMusic !

We've added a new musical app to our "Apps for Plug and Play" page! All the apps on the "plug and play" page require no coding, so they are perfect for testing Makey Makey invention ideas, or focusing on playing with... READ MORE

Featured Musician: Loner Shy with Facial Music and Ambient Kitchen Sounds

We get some pretty awesome tags on Instagram! Especially with so many talented people at home and trying out new ideas. Have you ever tried controlling music with your face? Well, Lonershy tried it by combining a Teensy board, Makey... READ MORE

Rewatch This Webinar and Check out Resources for Creating Content and Activities for At-Home Learning

In this new webinar series, we are reaching out to educators all over the world to see how they are tackling the challenges of teaching STEM in the era of COVID-19.Join our amazing panel this week as we dive deeper... READ MORE

Webinar Recap: STEM from a Distance: Family Making, 3D Printing, and Setting Intentions

Watch This Webinar TOPIC: STEM From a Distance: Family Making, 3D Printing, and Setting Intentions WHEN: August 20th 3 pm Pacific/ 5 pm Central/ 6 pm Eastern Join our second panel discussion as we discuss making as a family, 3D printing from... READ MORE

Thinking Ahead for the Home or at School

We know that learning is going to look different next school year, and we are hoping we can help by providing content for kids, whether they'll be learning from home or at school. To celebrate the end of this school... READ MORE

Sewolab Makey Makey Drawing Pad Project

Sewolab is a Turkish company that offers professional trainings on STEM, Makey Makey, and Montessori activities for children aged 3 - 12. They sent us this great project about creating your own dPad (or stylus for Scratch.)  Translated here so you... READ MORE

Webinar Recap: STEM From a Distance: Brown Bag STEAM, Literacy Kits, and Engineering Process

Webinar Recap: Join our first dynamic panel of ladies in STEM as we discuss teaching hands-on learning from a distance. From literacy maker kits and brown bag STEAM projects, to teaching the Engineering and Design process with a blended learning style.... READ MORE
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