Beyond the Banana Piano: Makey Makey for Beginners and Beyond

Join the Makey Makey team to learn some engaging ways to use Makey Makey in your classroom. From switches, to building circuits, to interactive art, this lively webinar is a must for teachers, students, and makers of all ages that... READ MORE

Don’t Get Stuck with a Fakey Fakey!

It has recently come to our attention that counterfeit Makey Makey kits are cropping up for sale even from what might appear to be “real” online storefronts. (Here at JoyLabz, we call them Fakey Fakeys.) These aren’t just boards with... READ MORE

Loving our Social Around the World!

Happy Valentine's Week! Valentine's is around the corner and we are feeling the love on our social channels! We think our community is the best and we wanted to highlight some great work we've seen posted by you because we... READ MORE

Makey Makey on the Move!

Makey Makey is coming to FETC Come by and see us at FETC in booth #4326 and register to win a free Makey Makey (one given away each hour) or a STEM Pack classroom set. Also see some cool examples... READ MORE

Top Five Webinars of 2019!

As we wrap up 2019, we started thinking about all the great people we've been able to chat with during our monthly webinars. We've showcased Hour of Code, chatted with experts about accessibility, and even hosted a webinar for students!... READ MORE

Holiday Door Display for Christmahanakwanzika!

Teachers love their winter door displays and since it is the season, we wanted to share this mini guide on making your own door display featured on Instructables AND we wanted to share this amazing Makey Jukebox by one of our... READ MORE

Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals

Pssst.....  We have a surprise deal coming this week! It's the season for deals and Makey Makey is in on the fun!If you've been thinking of adding Makey Makey to your classroom, or perhaps adding more to your maker tool... READ MORE
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