Makey Makey at home or at school: Free learning activities, ideas for loaning out kits, and more!


Featured Artist/Musician: Johnny Tal and a Musical Makey Makey Festival Experience

Johnny Tal recently shared this amazing project with us on our Makey Makey educator page. The video above includes all the activities in the interactive dream show called "Head in the Clouds" which was produced by Tal's partner Michal Svironi. (Note:... READ MORE

Let's Invent! Celebrate Scratch Month with Makey Makey and micro:bit Webinar

  Watch the recording of our Webinar!    It's May and it is Scratch Month all month long! During our webinar today, we shared how to use Makey-Makey and micro:bit with Scratch extensions. We shared tips for using both and even shared some wild ideas for... READ MORE

Teacher Appreciation Week – Buy One, Gift One

It's Teacher Appreciation Week! And we do so love our teachers! This week, buy one Makey Makey Classic and get a free one to gift to your favorite teacher! To apply the discount, make sure to add 2-4 Makey Makey... READ MORE

Featured Art and Music: Wind Chime and Electric Guitar Project by Gunner Basinger

This duo features a homemade electric wind chime and electric guitar as part of a project for a sound design class. The wind chime controller was made using the Makey Makey Classic board with alligator clips connected aluminum strips made... READ MORE

Let's Invent! Episode Six: Chain Reactions with Strawbees and Makey Makey

This week on "Let's Invent!" we teamed up with Strawbees to create chain reactions with everyday materials from home. Both Lindsay and Colleen were inspired to tinker with chain reactions at the start of the "stay at home" orders around the... READ MORE

Introducing our New Classes for Kids at Home!

Have a Makey Makey at home?   Ready to start inventing from home? We’ve been working hard at creating a course that kids can take on their own! The first four lessons are live, but we are busy bees still... READ MORE

Let's Invent! Episode Five: Story City at Home with Liam Nilsen

We had a great episode today as part of our weekly "Let's Invent!" series! We invited one of our favorite people, Liam Nilsen on our show. Liam is a LEGO learning experience specialist and he shared his new idea for... READ MORE
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