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2023 Makey Makey Holiday Shopping Guide

November 07, 2023

The holiday season is fast approaching, and it's time to start thinking about gifts for the tech-savvy kids in your life. If you're looking for a gift that will spark their creativity and get them excited about STEM learning, look no further than Makey Makey STEM products.

Makey Makey is an invention kit that allows users to turn everyday objects into interactive controllers for video games, music players, and more. It's a fun and easy way to learn about coding, electronics, and engineering.

Makey Makey products are perfect for kids of all ages, from beginners to experienced coders. There are a variety of different kits available, so you can find one that's the right fit for your child's skill level and interests.

Whether your child is a budding video game designer, a musician in the making, or simply loves to create new and innovative things, Makey Makey is the perfect gift for the holidays.

This holiday shopping guide will help you find the perfect Makey Makey product for everyone on your list, from beginners to experienced inventors. Whether you're looking for a kit that will engage your child in STEM or a more advanced project for a teen, we've got you covered.

Great projects for Super Creative 8-year-old 

Are you looking for a fun and educational gift for an 8-year-old? Look no further than Makey Makey! Makey Makey is an invention kit that allows kids to turn everyday objects into interactive controllers for video games, musical instruments, and more.

Here are a few ideas for Makey Makey gifts that 8-year-olds will love:

Once your child has a Makey Makey kit, they can start creating their own inventions! Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a dance pad out of cardboard and aluminum foil.
  • Build a custom video game controller out of LEGO bricks.
  • Create your own musical instrument using playdough and conductive tape.
  • Invent an alarm to protect toys, candy, and more!

Here is a tip for parents: If you're not sure how to get started with Makey Makey, there are many resources available online and in libraries. You can also find Makey Makey tons of tutorials on our YouTube Channel!

Project: Makey Makey Glove Controller

Your Young Inventor can turn a hand into a video game controller with this Bundle! Simply attach alligator clips to the fingertips of a glove and connect them to the Makey Makey board. Just clip the alligator clips to the fingertips of a glove and touch the thumb to control the game. You can even use this glove invention to make music or play other interactive games. This project is a great way to learn about STEM concepts like circuits and even designing for accessibility. It's also a lot of fun! 


Shop the Project: Young Inventor Bundle, Dishglove


Project: DIY Game Controllers (Play-doh)

For this project, kids will create their own custom video game controller using Play-Doh! Connect the alligator clips to Play-Doh shapes and touch them to control the game. Kids can make any shape, so there is plenty of room to get creative! 

Young Inventor Bundle

  Shop the Project Young Inventor, Playdoh

 Great STEM ideas for a 10-year-old

Looking for a fun and educational gift for a 10-year-old? Look no further than the Makey Makey Young Inventor Bundle! With this bundle, your child can learn about STEM concepts while inventing alarms, building hula hoop controllers to control digital drawings, and even more wacky, fun, wild inventions.

Project: Invent an Alarm

Imagine a world where everyday objects transform into instruments of innovation. With the Young Inventor Bundle and everyday objects around the house, your 10-year-old can be challenged to invent a unique alarm! This is the perfect project to embark on inventive journeys together. Collaborate, problem-solve, and celebrate achievements as a family.

Young Inventor Bundle

Shop the Project:  Young Inventor Bundle


Project:  Hula Hoop Controllers

Calling all parents of curious and creative 10-year-olds! Uncover the budding inventor in your child with our Makey Makey Young Inventor bundle. They can hack a hula hoop to make sketches with their feet! 

Young Inventor Bundle

 Shop the Project:  Young Inventor bundle, Hula Hoop


Great projects for Tweens (Ages 10-14)

Is your tween creative? Do they love to invent and build things? If so, the Makey Makey Creative Engineer bundle is the perfect gift for them! With Makey Makey, your tween can turn their wildest inventions into reality. They can build musical inventions or even invent their own board games.

Project: Cardboard Guitar with Makey Makey

Tweens can turn things up to 11 by crafting their very own cardboard guitar!  Learn to upload your own guitar sounds to the Makey Makey Sampler or code sounds in Scratch to turn recycled cardboard into a musical instrument!

Creative Engineer Bundle


 Shop the Project:  Creative Engineer Bundle

Project: Snowman Operation!

Tired of your tween on a screen? With the Creative Engineer Bundle, they can focus on building handmade inventions like this Makey Makey Snowman Operation. Even better? Creation encourages tweens to engage with others to share their new handmade creation!

Creative Engineer Bundle

Shop the Project:  Creative Engineer Bundle


 Bonus Projects for Teen Math Geeks

Math geeks will love the Makey Makey Creative Engineer Bundle. Since this bundle contains our Makey Makey Classic and the Bananaversary Backpack Bundle, your teen can take their inventions to the MAX! They can build geeky math projects, an oversized floor piano, and fun math games for their younger siblings.

Project: Pixel Art FingerPaint

Combine their love of math, coding, and making with this integrated STEM Makey Makey project. The Pixel Art Fingerpaint project is a Math Geek’s dream! Your teen will craft a coordinate plane and then code the plot points in Scratch Programming. The Creative Engineer Bundle is the perfect gift to get them to combine hands-on making with digital coding. 

Creative Engineer Bundle 

Shop the Project:  Creative Engineer Bundle


Project: Floor Piano

With the Creative Engineer Bundle, your teen can set up this large-scale (see what we did there?) piano in about an hour! Then, invite friends and family over to tinkle the ivories with their feet!


Creative Engineer BundleShop the Project:  Creative Engineer Bundle


Project:  Talking Calculator

With the Creative Engineer Bundle, your teen can build a talking paper calculator. This emphasis on accessibility can build empathy and help your engineer open up a world of possibilities accessible for all! 

  Creative Engineer Bundle

Shop the Project:  Creative Engineer Bundle

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