The new Code-a-Key Backpack! Bringing the Makey Makey and the BBC micro:bit together for more invention fun!

#FunFactFriday MakeCode Arcade

March 01, 2024

Did you know that you can use Makey Makey with MakeCode Arcade?

If you have never used Microsoft MakeCode before, it is a wonderful tool to start learning how to code. Originally developed and released as a programming platform for the BBC micro:bit several years ago, it has now expanded to include several other platforms in the hardware and software space. Let’s start with the MakeCode version called MakeCode Arcade, a game development platform for you to create your own old-school style video games! With Makey Makey, you can invent your own controllers for the games you code!

And we've got tutorials to get you started!

 Getting Started with MakeCode Arcade

In this getting started guide, we will walk you through creating a new game in MakeCode Arcade, including navigating the environment, adding the Makey Makey code extension, and creating a simple “Hello World” program to move a character around the screen with Makey Makey.



Code Classic Tag

Build a basic tag game for our first real game with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade. In the introduction, create a character or ‘sprite’, and move it around the screen using the arrow keys on your keyboard or with your Makey Makey. 


Code Fruit Catcher

This game is called Fruit Catcher, and it is a run-and-collect game where fruit tokens fall from random points at the top of the screen, and the player controls a character to move back and forth and collects the fruit before it hits the ground. Let’s dig in and start catching fruit!


 Code a Drag Race

This Drag Race tutorial is our first 2-player button-mashing game where each player controls a car! The faster each player presses their assigned key, the faster their car goes. We will explore locations, simulating friction, and specific key event blocks. Let’s get our engines revving! 

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