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May 09, 2023

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We're excited to share with you some amazing new projects on how to page! If you're not familiar with Makey Makey, it's a fantastic platform for inventors and creators of all ages. With Makey Makey, you can turn everyday objects into touchpads and use them to control your computer. It's a great way to learn about electronics, programming, and engineering while having fun. We've got a guide for a new coding platform, a new way to demo Makey Makey, and even a fun alarm challenge! Read on to learn more.

Getting Started with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade

Great News! We added a Makey Makey extension to MakeCode Arcade! What is MakeCode Arcade? This Microsoft programming environment enables students to quickly develop programming skills by creating and modding retro games. With a few blocks or lines of code, students can create custom games for others to play with their Makey Makey inventions. Check out the guide here.

Interactive Book Project By Matt Moore

Matthew Moore has shared some great Makey Makey and other computing projects on his Always Computing blog over the years! We wanted to share this awesome Makey Makey Interactive storybook idea he presented at the Scratch conference in Europe. Check out this great project to create your own four page story in Scratch!

Using Makey Makey to Change Images in Scratch to Share Emotions

We all know Makey Makey can trigger sound effects with Scratch, Soundplant, Midi controllers, etc.... But what if you want to trigger images with a custom controller? Get ready to find out in our micro-guide! In this guide, you'll learn to change an image with Scratch. In our guide, we share how to code your emotions visually with a Scratch project. 

Invent an Alarm! Challenge

With our new plug and play alarm app, you can spend more time inventing your physical alarm trap since we took care of the coding on this one! This guide takes you further by exploring the switch concept. Switches are a simple type of sensor. Sensors and microcontrollers power our world. But what is a sensor? And what is a microcontroller? And how do they work together? Check out this guide to learn more.


First Time Demo Makey Makey Bongos

We saved the best for last! You'll love our great new guide for first time Makey Makey demos. Check out these quick and fun demo ideas from Michael Carroll of Scrappy Circuits.


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