Our Code-a-Key Backpack (an adapter for the BBC micro:bit) is BACK IN STOCK at the Makey Shop!

The Big Reveal! New Backpacks for Makey Makey!

July 14, 2022
It's time for our final Bananaversary announcement! Check out the big reveal webinar here:


Our new collection of backpacks will expand the ways you use Makey Makey in the upcoming school year!

Makey Makey Backpacks with projects surrounding.

Bananaversary Bundle: Makey Makey Backpacks

Makey Makey Backpacks are expansion boards that we designed to make it easy for everyone to use Makey Makey to its full potential and expand their invention toolbox! Backpacks plug into the black headers on the back of the Makey Makey board, giving you access to all of those input keys that sometimes get overlooked. Now  -- in addition to the 6 inputs on the front -- the 12 inputs on the back of the board can be easily connected into your project with alligator-friendly “gator bites.”

Check out the Makey Makey Backpack Project and App Landing page to learn more about each unique backpack!

Player 2 BackpackPlayer 2 Backpack

Ever wanted to add a second player? Plug in this backpack to instantly double your game controls and double the fun! Enable player 2 with this gameriffic backpack and create custom game controllers along with friends. Check out Player 2 Backpack New Projects and Apps.

Makey Mouse Backpack 

Makey Mouse Backpack

What if you could make a mouse out of cheese? The Makey Mouse Backpack breaks out your mouse controls to “gator bites” so you can easily clip to fun items for unique drag-and-drop experiences.

 Makey Max Backpack

Makey Max Backpack

Want to pump up your projects? Take your inventions to the MAX with the Makey Max Backpack. This backpack enables inventors to alligator clip to the 12 inputs on the back, making the full Makey Makey board accessible for all inventors. It’s the ultimate in extreme inventing!

New Projects!


Super Simple Joystick with Modeling Clay

Double your fun with the Player 2 Backpack! This a super quick and easy DIY joystick so you can plug and play our new Makey Soccer web app!

 Heavy Duty Washer Joystick

Heavy Duty Washer Joystick for Player 2 Backpack

You can make your own arcade style joystick with just a few things from the hardware store. Grab your washers, nuts, bolts and Player 2 Backpack and double your fun! 

 Fuzzy Face DIY Paper Mouse Controller

DIY Paper Mouse Controller for Fuzzy Face App

Make a mouse out of paper and pencil drawings! Just use a 6B pencil to draw your controller and plug and play to have your own DIY Paper Mouse Controller with the Makey Mouse Backpack!

 Bubble Pop Makey Mouse Controller

Bubble Pop Makey Mouse Controller

For this controller, your orange will be earth. You will connect yourself to EARTH, then use the orange to roll to each conductive touchpad. It's super quick, easy, and fun with the Makey Mouse Backpack!

 Pixel Sketch Controller

Pixel Sketch/Sticky Note style Art with Makey Max Backpack

For this project, you will combine rows and columns for maximum drawing potential! For our project, we've created 5 rows and 5 columns, but you can adjust the Pixel Sketch web app to a minimum of 3 rows/columns and a maximum of 8 rows and columns. To change colors on the Pixel Sketch app, you'll tap two inputs at once.

 Fruit Catcher with Makey Max Backpack

Fruit Catcher with Makey Max Backpack

Love creating Whack-a-Mole style games? Now you can have EVEN MORE inputs with our Makey Max Backpack. Plug and play with our new Fruit Catcher web app!

New Apps!



Bubble pop web app game

Bubble Pop Game

Super sensory overload fun with the Bubble Pop game! Pop bubbles by clicking and dragging on each bubble (and un-pop by just clicking). Designed specially to play using the Makey Mouse Backpack.


Fuzzy face app 

Fuzzy Face

Use Makey Mouse to create a custom mouse controller to play this fun retro-style magnetic shavings game! Click and drag to give Fuzzy Face a new look... beard, mustache, maybe even a mohawk! Designed for play with the Makey Mouse Backpack!

2 player soccer

2 Player Makey Soccer

Double your fun with a second player! Use arrow keys for player one and WASD for player 2. Maximized fun with the Player 2 Backpack!

Match the Beat

 Match the Beat!

Match the beat in our new rhythm game and double the fun when you add the Player 2 Backpack!

Pixel Sketch Gif

Pixel Sketch

Create sticky-note-style art with this super fun new drawing app. Color by pixels! Designed specially for use with the Makey Max Backpack!

Fruit Catcher web app

Fruit Catcher

Choose between 2 and 18 separate inputs to build a Whack-a-Mole style game! Plug and play with the Makey Max backpack for maximum fun! 




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