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Launching a New Webinar Series to Support Teachers and Distance Learning

As we head back to school this fall in all its new incarnations, we know that hands-on learning and STEM education face new challenges. It’s time to start brainstorming innovative ways to keep our students engaged, creating, making, and coding.... READ MORE

Rudeism, Jelly Beans, and Alt Controllers!

Picture Courtesy of Rudeism Saturday morning we got up a bit early to check out Rudeism on Twitch Tv where he streamed playing the new Fall Guys game with JELLYBEANS as his controller!  If you are new to twitch and alt controllers, Rudeism is... READ MORE

Cleaning Makey Makey

Cleaning and Loaning Out We've been getting a lot of questions about cleaning Makey Makey, so we wanted to share this post on keeping your kits clean for those of you who want to clean your Makey Makey kits between... READ MORE

Can't Touch This! Family Invention Contest- Webinar Kickoff!

EPAM Continuum, Joylabz/Makey Makey, and Instructables are hosting a new contest that challenges families with kids age 18 and under to invent hands-free solutions for accomplishing everyday tasks safely. In the Covid era, how can invent new ways to interact with things... READ MORE

Can I play Rocky theme song with watermelons? 🍉 | ¿Puedo tocar el tema de Rocky con sandías?🍉 Video by Música Encriptada

This is amazing Spanish video by Música Encriptada shares crazy innovative musical applications of Makey Makey! The Game of Thrones musicbox? and Stand By Me with Pikachu??? You've got to watch this! Pro tip: Using closed captions in Youtube allows you to translate into... READ MORE

Getting Unstuck: Exploring Scratch with other Educators

Getting Unstuck is a 10 day exploration from the Creative Computing Lab at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. "Getting Unstuck is a summer learning experience for teachers who want to learn more about supporting creative work with the Scratch... READ MORE

Cardboard Challenge: Makey Makey and Scratch Project by Kode Kiddo

It's the start of summer and if your kids are getting bored, you might try a little cardboard challenge to engage their creativity. (You need to do something with all those cardboard boxes piling up from online orders, right?) Since... READ MORE
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